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It can be said that one of the main criteria in choosing an office chair is the brand of the chair, but we must note that the brand is not only a criterion for the goodness and quality of the chair, in addition to the brand, but we must also pay attention to many other things, such as the standard of the chair in terms of ergonomics and body coordination. On our site, you can see different types of chairs in various materials and sizes such as high back office chairs, and buy for a lower price.

Modern High Back Office Chairs Distributors

How do You Evaluate an Office Chair?

How do You Evaluate an Office Chair? A suitable office chair should cover the four areas of the spine (neck, back and waist). On average, a person moves his upper body 53 times during an hour of sitting, and about 28% of these movements involve leaning and turning. Most office chairs do not allow a person to move their upper body easily in the position they want due to the immobility of the backrest and seat.

In the evaluation of a comfortable office chair we can mention these features:

  • Adjusting the back of the chair and how the beads are placed on it is one of the most important factors.
  • The middle part of the chair should not disturb the blood circulation in the legs, especially in the knees, and blood should collect in the knees.
  • The elbows should also be 8 inches from the shoulders.
  • The back of your chair should be springy.
  • A good office chair should provide secure and comfortable support for your body that is suitable for your tasks.
  • Circulation to the lower limbs should not be interrupted.
  • Maintain or change status easily.
  • Have support for the spine. Its surface has the necessary friction to prevent slipping.
  • Be moisturizing.
  • The armrest can also protect the neck and shoulder muscles and can be used as a support for lifting.

What Height Should My Office Chair be?

What Height Should My Office Chair be? Office chair height: The human seat does not carry all the weight while sitting on a chair. Part of the back as well as the legs help in this work. Therefore, the height of the seat of a chair is very important. The chair should not be too tall or too short. If it is too high, pressure is applied to the inner parts of the kneen and while there is no weight on your legs, other parts of your body are under a lot of pressure. In contrast, a very short chair puts a heavy burden on the bones of the seat. So the height of a chair is appropriate for the workplace, it must be customizable.

You also have to adjust the height of the chair according to your height when you sit on the chair. The proper height in a normal sitting position is that the soles of the feet are well on the ground. Chair seat depth is another point that you should consider. The depth of the seat also has a great and direct effect on the comfort of sitting. If the seat is too deep, the edge of the seat will be annoying. Even if the seating depth is shallow, a person puts a lot of pressure on the back and knees to compensate or prevent falling. sit cushion.

Wholesale Distributor of High Back Office Chairs

Wholesale Distributor of High Back Office Chairs The wholesale of office chairs on our site is done at the factory price. Our center directly eliminates the role of intermediary by producing and supplying various types of office chairs and offers competitive prices for the highest quality products. These products are one of the most basic requirements of offices and to equip office environments with various types of managerial, employee, conference, waiting, product, laboratory and restaurant chairs, it is necessary to contact the sales unit of reputable manufacturers of these products. Also, our chair seat width is perfectly proportional to the ergonomics of the human body. You can contact us for more information.

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