Comfiest Elementary School Chairs in Bulk

Elementary school chairs are among the most popular chairs that many consumers buy from this product. In fact, these chairs are essentials that provide comfort and convenience to students. Buy the most comfortable primary school chairs from us, because we sell these chairs in various types in bulk, which will bring important benefits to you.

Comfiest Elementary School Chairs in Bulk

Why Schools Should have Comfortable Chairs?

Why Schools Should have Comfortable Chairs? One of the most important equipments in every school and classroom is a comfortable chair.

The school seat is not changeable 5 days a week for a few hours with the student, so the child’s condition depends on his choice. The place of study should not only be attractive, but also comfortable and practical and help the natural process of education. If you choose the wrong chair, the consequences can be terrible – impaired posture, problems with the spine, blurred vision.

In the context of continuous development work under the supervision of highly qualified staff, the image of our schools looks brighter and more attractive to male and female students, because there are buildings and educational facilities in accordance with the latest specifications and standards that ensure school success. The educational process of school classrooms is also characterized by modern equipment such as desk, comfortable school chair, study desk, blackboard, safety box and mural, as well as suitable space and quality of lighting, ventilation and colors used for the walls. In line with international standards, in addition to providing health conditions and safety and security standards, the ministry also wants schools to be an attractive science environment for students.

What Size are Elementary School Chairs?

What Size are Elementary School Chairs? What is the optimal school chair height and what conditions are required for it?

The standards for matching school chairs were set in Iran decades ago, however they can not be easily examined because they are made under the supervision of working people and access to them is quite difficult to understand. . In most cases, it is impossible to adjust the height of the chair, which affects the comfort of the lesson because the height of children is different and therefore suitable for some children, not suitable for others, so Iranian designers in a way These chairs have been produced that fit the height of all students in a completely standard way.

What should be the standard school chair sizes for elementary students?

The height of the chair is chosen depending on the height of the child, while the results of studies show that the difference in sitting children of 10-15 cm does not depend on the situation at all. For this reason, the tables produced with a difference of 15 cm in terms of height are divided into 5 groups to find the best option for each student:

  1. seat height 53-58 cm, allowable height – up to 130 cm.
  2. Seat height 59-63 cm, allowable height 130-145 cm.
  3. seat height 64-69 cm, allowable height – 145 – 160 cm.
  4. seat height 70-74 cm, allowable height – 160-175 cm.
  5. seat height 75-82 cm, allowable height – more than 175 cm.

Categories 1 and 2 are intended for elementary classes, in intermediate classes there should be tables from 3 to 5 categories so that children of different heights can study just as easily. At the same time, the chairs are arranged in ascending order – first 3 handles, then 4 floors and finally – 5.

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