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The master bedroom is the best place for changing the space into the office. Finding a stylish desk that is made of high quality can be so effective. A home office is a “great to have,” but before March 2020, it was largely underutilized.

On a work-from-home day, you might check your messages from a more comfortable location than your desks, such as the kitchen island, the couch in the living room, or even your bed.

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With more and more Americans opting to work from home and send their children to online schools, the home office has risen in prominence as a must-have amenity.

It’s crucial to keep a few guidelines in mind while planning the layout of your office to make sure it works as hard and efficiently as you do.

Understanding how your demands may be satisfied in the allotted square footage is the first step in planning the layout of a home office.

Doing so requires inquiring. Is it something you’re using in your own time? Can you do your work away from the office? Do you anticipate any customers? Why don’t we think about the children? ”

Who also works for Decorating Den emphasizes the importance of seclusion, storage, cord management, and lighting for any home office. To protect their privacy, “one of the top things people are seeking is the ability to filter out noise.

The data for this section was taken straight from the survey.

You can check out their site to see if they offer the same material in a different format, or if they have any more details to share with you.

The desk is the focal point of any home office, but it can be counterproductive to place it in an inefficient location.

Working with your back to a door or a wall might be stressful or make you feel uninspired, respectively.

If you want to maximize positive chi at work, feng shui experts recommend putting your desk against a wall with your back to the door.

This position, known as the “commanding position,” has been proven to provide the most powerful energy for taking leadership in any situation.

Try to locate your desk in a room with lots of windows.

In addition, your office desk should be located near a window so that you may take use of natural light.

Although some people like to work with their backs to the window, others find it more productive to have their desks perpendicular to the window.

If the most efficient spot is against a window, but that means light is shining in your eyes while you work, consider investing in some window coverings to cut down on the glare.

With the advent of video conferencing, the arrangement of desks has become even more intricate.

Be sure that no one or anything distracting is in the background of your video calls if you plan on having many of them.

Hayman was engaged by a couple in Spring City, Pennsylvania, to create an office environment where they could work together.

The area was centered on a built-in shelving unit that was tailored to accommodate their computers, monitors, and printers.

She also installed a large built-in desk with separate his and hers sides and cord management cutouts on the desk’s top.

Hayman points out that when setting up an office for two individuals, it’s necessary to consider both form and function since one person’s aesthetic preferences may be offensive to or distracting to the other.

She advises that “You have to find a common ground to make both of them happy,” even if their preferences are different.

The couple wanted a blend of modern and traditional elements, so Hayman gave the husband a striking video backdrop in the form of a bespoke map mural and gave the woman a splash of color via artwork and an upholstered chair in keeping with the farmhouse aesthetic.

Ample space for stowing electronic devices

File cabinets and other forms of paper storage have lost importance in modern home offices due to the prevalence of digital alternatives.

Instead, it serves as a place to keep IT hardware and supplies. According to Frazier, “there is always a printer, maybe a fax, and possibly a shredder.” Never put them on show, but always have them close by.

A wall of built-in cabinetry and bookshelves, in front of which you set the office desk, is a common strategy for doing both of these things efficiently and impressively.

Open shelving allows you to express yourself (and make a stylish video chat background) with books, photos, and artwork while cupboards conceal unattractive wife boxes and office supplies.

A multifunctional little nook

Having an Office desk Setup in the Private Quarters

Because your desk is a physical representation of your job and profession, it is important to give careful consideration to where you place it.

When you’re trying to concentrate on something but your bed is right there next to you, it might be difficult to do so in a master bedroom, which is why it’s not the best place for a workspace in general.

The master bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, but if you have an office desk in there, it can turn into an environment that is more stressful than soothing.

This indicates that bringing work into the master bedroom is not optimal for sleep or romance because it disrupts the natural flow of the space.

On the other hand, if space is at a premium in your home or if you share living quarters with roommates, it may be necessary to position a desk in this area. Do not let yourself get worked up if you are unable to relocate your desk from its current location in the master bedroom to another room in the house.

There are always ways to make the most out of the circumstances you are currently in, and feng shui provides us with the tools to alter the energy in our environments so that they can better support us.

desk next to bed

It is not the purpose of feng shui to determine which aspects of your home are positive or negative. Instead, we recommend that you have an open mind regarding the things you find in your own space and make the most of what you already have.

You can utilize feng shui to assist balance the energy in your master bedroom so that it is better able to support you instead of worrying that having an office desk in your master bedroom will result in “bad” energy being generated there.

If you absolutely must have your desk in your master bedroom, make every effort to partition the space into two distinct areas: one for work, and another for relaxing.

Your desk, together with your computer and any other materials related to your work, will be located in your designated “work zone.”

Your office desk will serve as your relaxation zone, and ideally, it should be reserved solely for sleeping, reading, and private time together.

Where Should You Put Your Office desk?

You should make every effort to put your office desk in a dominating position if at all possible.

You will be able to see the door or entry to your master bedroom when your desk is in command, and you will be able to do so while seated in the chair that you use at your desk.

Because of this, you will be able to feel in command of your work, your productivity, and your professional trajectory.

Putting your office desk in the dominating position might not always be practical, depending on the dimensions of your master bedroom and the layout of the space.

If this is the case, you might want to consider carrying a tiny mirror with you so that you can see the door that’s behind you when you use it. Place the mirror so that it reflects the door on either your computer display or the wall that you are facing.

Make sure the mirror is positioned in such a way that you can see the door mirrored in it.

When practicing feng shui, one looks at many forms of qi, which is another word for energy.

It’s possible that you’re already familiar with the idea of yin and yang, which refers to two types of energy that couldn’t be more different from one another but are constantly there and always moving in relationship to one another.

Yin is more subdued, darker, and less active, whereas yang is brighter, swifter, and more engaged. Work requires more yang energy, whereas better sleep and relaxation require more yin energy. If we want to promote sleep and relaxation, we need more yin energy.

While you do have a work area in the master bedroom, it is essential to strike a balance between yin and yang in order to ensure that you are able to relax and get some rest when you aren’t actually working.

You can employ lights to bring about a shift in the energy so that it is more yin. First, at the end of the day, reduce the amount of light in your environment or employ circadian lighting to send a message to your body that it is time to wind down and relax.

When you are finished working for the day, it is also a good idea to switch off your computer, or even better, unplug it.

You might also make use of blackout shades or drapes to make sure that the room you sleep in is as dark as possible while you are there.

Get Your Feet on the Ground with the Element of Earth

Working with the five elements is another method that we can use to transform the energy in the locations we occupy.

There are many various kinds of energies and attributes that are associated with each element, and some of these are qualities that you might wish to cultivate or enhance in your life.

Earth is one of the five elements, and the qi that emanates from the earth is known for its capacity to nurture and support.

Bringing more earth into your master bedroom will help to balance the distracting energy of work that your desk represents, and it will also help you feel more grounded and stable in your environment.

Yellow, which is representative of the earth element, can be incorporated into the design of your master bedroom through the employment of yellow accents.

You might also adorn your workspace with an object that has a connection to the ground, such as a stone, a crystal, or a piece of pottery.

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