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How to Choose Outdoor john lewis wooden furniture

Even while wooden furnishings are frequently seen in gardens and patios, not all types of wood are appropriate for use in these environments. The weather, in addition to regular use, is a challenge that outdoor furniture must overcome. Before you decide on any wooden outdoor furniture, you need to think about this factor in addition to your personal preferences and specifications.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Purchasing Outdoor Wood Furniture: Where Will It Go?

Take into consideration where you want to put your wooden patio furniture. Is it going to be open to the elements in every way possible? Will there be some form of above protection, such that found in a porch, for instance, or another similar structure? You can get away with utilizing a soft wood like pine for your wooden furniture if it is going to be placed in an environment that provides a significant amount of protection; but if the furniture is going to be placed in an area that is exposed, the pine may not hold up.

On what kind of surface are you going to set it down?

Think about the surface it will be placed on and decide whether it will be a firm surface or a more forgiving ground like a grassy area. If you put your outdoor wood furniture on a hard surface, you may help protect it from dreaded furniture destroyers like rot and mildew. These things can happen if the wood gets wet. If you intend to install your patio set on soft ground, it is recommended that you select resin or metal rather than wood as your material of choice.

What kind of weather might we expect?

Take into account the weather. Wood can be negatively affected in a variety of ways, depending on whether it is exposed to high humidity, intense heat, or a lot of rain and moisture. Your wooden furniture may need additional protection or care if it is exposed to conditions like these. You might, for instance, be required to give some shade. Unless it is something as forgiving as teak, most types of wood are difficult to maintain when exposed to wet circumstances.

What is your spending cap?

Take into account the amount of money you have available. There is a wide range of prices for outdoor wood furniture because the price depends not only on what you buy but also on the type of wood you select. Because of the restrictions placed on your budget, is this furniture going to be transitory, or are you looking for furniture that is of high quality and will last for a long time? Prices could begin in the low hundreds and go up into the thousands. Wooden furniture needs more upkeep, such as an annual coating of a stain or sealer, which results in an additional annual cost not just in terms of money but also in terms of the amount of time it takes.

The Best Options for Outdoor Furniture Made of Wood:

There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to outdoor furniture made of wood, and the following are some of the most well-liked options that are also resistant to the elements and do not demand a great deal of maintenance. You do not need to choose an item that is entirely made of wood because there are many options available that combine wood and metal frames.

Teak: Teak has recently been a very popular choice for outdoor furniture, and there is a sound rationale for this trend. It is a very profitable investment.

Teak remains a popular choice for outdoor furniture despite the fact that it is more expensive than the majority of other types of wood used for this purpose. Teak is resistant to the effects of weather and requires relatively little maintenance.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is another excellent choice that can last almost as long as teak if it is coated once a year with an acrylic sealer that is derived from water. It is also advantageous in the sense that it is more cost-effective.

Even while cedar does not have the same longevity as teak or eucalyptus, it still has the potential to last for a few decades if it is properly maintained. It must be oiled and coated with protective wax once a year.

Acacia is a wood that is both long-lasting and stunning, but it is also more expensive than many other types of wood. Acacia furniture, while naturally water-resistant, is not waterproof and will require some maintenance, including washing with warm, soapy water and adding oil to show off those wonderful grain patterns. Acacia furniture is naturally water-resistant but is not waterproof.

Ipe is the name of a hardwood that comes from the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil and is increasingly being used for decking and outdoor furniture. This type of wood can be dyed or preserved in its natural state, and it has a low impact on the environment. The care that is required for this wood is comparable to that required for the other woods on our list and includes washing and coating with oils such as linseed.

Redwood: Much like cedar, you have the option of staining it or allowing it to retain its natural reddish-brown color when you work with it. In either case, this wood will need to be cleaned, and then it should have a layer of clear sealer applied to it every year.

Construction and Maintenance of Quality

Be sure to purchase pieces of outdoor wood furniture that are of high quality and expertly crafted whenever you go shopping for such items. Give outdoor furniture the same careful consideration to quality that you would interior furniture.

Steer clear of pieces of furniture that have joints that have been glued or stapled, as these are more likely to come apart. This is a common style for more affordable outdoor patio furniture. And considering that you’ll need to continue renewing it every season, this can rapidly become an expensive endeavor.

Check that all of the connections are strong. Dovetailed or mortise and tenon joints are excellent choices for long-lasting joints. The screws that were used to assemble the parts should either be made of rust-proof stainless steel or have a rust-proof coating applied to them. It is important to keep in mind that your furniture will be placed outside and will be subjected to the weather.

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