extendable office desks for home to give you more space 

From corner to standing desk, the extendable office desks for home are a great idea to give you more space.

The best desks help you work comfortably and safely in the office or at home. Desks prioritize utility over aesthetics, so most desks stick to conservative color schemes designed to blend seamlessly into office environments.

So while there are so many options out there, including budget options that might be tempting to save money, it’s best to invest in a desk that’s designed with your well-being in mind.

We’ve rounded up the best office desks that pair beautifully with ergonomic office chairs (opens in a new tab) and great gaming chairs (opens in a new tab).

Of course, we haven’t tested them ourselves unless TechRadar Pro reveals they have reviews. Also, check out our best standing desk buying guide.

However, we thoroughly studied the desk in question, comparing relative specifications, available features, construction materials, reviews on various online forums, and customer reviews.

Factors such as support, warranty, and overall value proposition are also considered. So rest assured that our top picks really are the best of the best.

The best office desks of 2022

The Hippo Professional Desk in our office is our pick as the best all-rounder. It is well-built and sturdy, offers a wide range of different sizes, and comes at an acceptable price.

The desk is quite easy to assemble. We have one ourselves and had no problem managing the tasks. The actual desk is 1 inch thick and very sturdy.

As mentioned, it comes in a variety of sizes, including the largest model with a width of 180cm, allowing two people to work comfortably side by side, and a multifunction device between two monitors and a printer. The smaller 80cm or 120cm models are perfect for a desk. The latter is perfect for those who want a lot on a spacious desk. The depth of the desk cover is 80 cm and a lot.

Another great thing to mention is that the desk has nifty cable management holes on each end. I’ve had it for years and am very happy with it. Ask for a price.

This should be available in the US as well as the UK, but for those who can’t find Office Hippo (or a cheap way to send it), check out this Office Bush. Walmart (opens in a new tab) has a sturdy product of similar size and style with holes for cable management.

If you need an L-shaped desk for a corner (or another spot), this model sold on Amazon is a great value.

The frame is made of steel, and the desk itself is made of MDF. And with the addition of adjustable leg leveling studs for added stability on uneven floors, it feels clean and special. Online reviews indicate that this desk is also easy to assemble in addition to being sturdy.

Casaottima also comes with a small shelf for monitors and speakers that can be mounted on the left or right side of the desk.

According to customer reviews, the main issue with this product may be the occasional complaint about missing screws or other items, but customer service seems to resolve these issues quickly. Value for money.

UK buyers will not be able to get this particular model. However, it can be shipped from the United States at a high cost. A better alternative for UK consumers is the Vasagle L-shaped desk (opens in a new tab). It’s just as sturdy and popular in the same price range, and the legs are adjustable too.

The Vasagle model in question also has two shelves under the desk instead of a small monitor shelf.

Standing desks are motorized, so the desk can be raised or lowered to different heights, allowing you to sit or stand while you work, which can potentially benefit your health.

If you prefer the standing desk route, we recommend the Uplift V2. This desk oozes quality and has solid stability as opposed to standing desks that wobble a bit when fully extended at the highest level.

Its motorized action is smooth and quiet; it comes in a variety of desktop sizes and adds some cable management chops. It’s all backed by a confidence-inspiring 7-year warranty and the Uplift V2. A wide range of customization is possible with various accessories.

Lift-up desks are available in standard and commercial versions (more stable thanks to the crosspieces). People in the UK can get the Uplift shipped, but it’s a good idea to just buy the frame and get your desk locally (otherwise, shipping costs can be extortionate).

Whichever model you buy, this desk is by no means cheap compared to the others listed on this page, but considering the engineering and motors involved, that’s no surprise.

For more on standing desks, their potential benefits, and other great alternatives (especially ones you should consider in the UK), check out our roundup of the best standing desks (opens in a new tab).

Furinno makes a lot of desks, but it’s an attractive proposition for those who don’t want to part with a lot of cash. Of course, you can’t expect top-notch build quality at a bargain price in the office market, but you can get a pretty solid product here, and it’s relatively easy to assemble.

A very compact computer desk is also provided. It is a good option for those looking to save space. A shelf on the right side accommodates your PC and includes a pull-out tray for your keyboard. And smile. A bonus drawer is also included.

Considering Furinno’s recommended price and the fact that most online retailers offer huge discounts off the suggested retail price, this is a great buy for those who don’t want to spend too much. On their desk.

Anyone who wants a sturdy desk with great storage options should consider heading to IKEA to meet their needs.

The IKEA Linnmon desk can be freestanding or fitted with Alex drawer units (1 or 2) underneath. So, if you want maximum storage, you can buy a pair of drawer units positioned on either side of the desk.

Three large drawers, two small drawers for a total of 6 drawers, and four large and small drawers for a total of 10 drawers. Enough space for small items, documents, folders, and anything else you need. The desk itself is also quite spacious at 150cm long x 75cm deep (there is also a smaller version at 120cm x 60cm).

All in all, you’re getting a great value proposition here, with the pretty good build quality for the asking price. There is a bit of a chance that the top of the desk will be chipped, but that could be due to neglect. Something.

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