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How to Choose the Perfect rustic Table for Your Kitchen or Dining Room

You probably spend a lot of time in your dining room, whether it is for formal dinners or casual get-togethers with friends and family. Your dining room may be tailored to your own preferences via a variety of different design approaches. Finding a dining room table and chairs that express your style while yet meeting your needs is one option.

Shopping for a new dining table? The Furniture Mall has several to choose from. We know it may be tough to choose just the correct kitchen table for your space. We hope these useful hints will assist you in selecting the perfect dining room table.

You Must First Take Accurate Measures

Make sure you have accurate measurements of your kitchen or dining room before shopping for a table. The table you choose should fit comfortably in the room it will be used in. Something that is excessively big or tiny will appear out of place, and there should be enough room for people to walk about and sit comfortably.

Take careful measurements of the space you have between the table and the wall. To comfortably get in and out of seats and move about, 42 to 48 inches is preferable. Think about how tall your guests are while setting the table. If you want to sit comfortably at a table, leave at least 12 inches between the surface and the top of the chair.

Your dining room’s aesthetic and practicality may be improved by selecting a table that is a good fit for the available space. The use of masking tape or a bed sheet might help you visualize the area occupied by your new table if you’re having trouble seeing it. Clearance from the table to other pieces of furniture, such as bookcases or buffets, should also be taken into account.

If you plan on having guests over or expanding your family, remember that you may purchase tables with extra leaves. These tables are convenient since they can be folded up for normal usage but opened up to provide more room if necessary.

Also, think about how you’ll get the table into your dining room. You shouldn’t buy a table for your house if you didn’t get it via a standard entryway or hallway.

Pick a Form 2

The table’s design and character are determined by its unique form. It’s important to think about how much room you have while looking for a dining table. You have to consider the layout of your kitchen or dining area when selecting a table’s form.

For maximum equilibrium and harmony, choose a table that mirrors the form of the room. When possible, use a square or round table for a smaller dining space. Rectangular or oval tables work best in longer spaces.

As an additional consideration, think about the table’s intended function. When entertaining a large group of guests, a long, rectangular table is ideal, while smaller, circular tables provide a cozier atmosphere. For big gatherings, round or square tables may not be the best option because of the difficulty of serving everyone.

The amount of available tabletop space is particularly important to think about whether the table will be utilized for work or study. There are four standard table forms available to consumers. They are all lovely and useful in their own ways.


A big, classic dining room table should ideally be rectangular. Most people like this style of table because it allows for easier foot movement, even in long, narrow rooms.

A dining table that includes a bench is an excellent choice if you still need to make do with a rectangle table due to space constraints. You may slide the bench beneath the table when you need additional floor space.


If you’re limited on space, a round table is your best bet for a tiny area. Round tables seat more people than square or rectangular ones since there are no edges for them to bump against. Since there is no designated focal point for the table, guests may sit wherever around it and have a conversation without interrupting the flow.

More legroom is available at certain circular tables because of their pedestal bases. Compared to a similarly sized rectangular or square table, these dining room sets comfortably accommodate more diners.


Square dining tables, like round ones, are a great option for compact spaces that need to feel more personal. Square rooms look well with square tables, too. If you need to seat a large group, but your table is too small, a square table that expands to additional seat people is a good option.


The space required by an oval table set is the same as that required by a rectangular one, but the look and feel are much more modern and distinctive. They are a space-saving addition to your dining area. Oval dining tables, like circular ones, don’t have any corners, so they seem like they take up less room than they really do. This configuration of tables is ideal for accommodating a large number of people in a limited space.

Third, choose a material. Your dining room table’s material choice is up to you and should take into account the aesthetics of the space and the other pieces of furniture you have placed there. If you want a really one-of-a-kind piece for your house, don’t be afraid to try out some other materials.

Don’t forget that many households retain the same dining table for years at a time rather than buying a new one. The longevity and quality of the material should be prioritized.


Dining tables made of wood are quite common because of the wide range of available colors and designs. Mahogany, oak, walnut, and maple are just a few of the various varieties of wood available. Pine and wood veneer, which combines synthetic material and small slices of genuine wood, are less expensive alternatives.

Since they are so versatile, dining tables made of wood may serve as the room’s centerpiece while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Wooden tables are more eye-catching because of the natural variations in the wood’s grain. Where you shop for your dining set may provide you with options for altering the wood so that it perfectly suits your aesthetic preferences.


Glass-topped tables are a classy alternative that may make a room seem more expansive, even if it isn’t physically bigger. These dining sets are great for flats or smaller areas since their contemporary design helps to open up the area. Additionally, glass is simpler to clean than other materials. However, it is more prone to breaking and is less sturdy overall.


Marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, and onyx are just a few of the various types of stone available. Natural stone is superior to man-made materials in both durability and cleanliness, making it a versatile material for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Stone-top dining tables are heavy and expensive. Even with careful maintenance, natural stones may shatter or get stained.


In houses with plenty of kids or pets, a metal dining room table will hold up well and be easy to maintain. Despite its suitability for modern and industrial decor, metal is a heavy material that makes moving the table more of a chore.

It’s all about finding your own style, number four.

It’s probable that the style of your house may influence your decision on a table. Several well-liked designs are shown below for your perusal.

Tables with a pedestal feature a single, massive column in the center. This design is great for compact spaces despite its bottom base’s size.

Many modern homeowners like the rustic appeal of the farmhouse aesthetic. These dinner tables have strong, solid legs and a top made of hefty, distressed wood. Tables that seat eight or more people are ideal for gatherings in a more expansive setting.

The top of a rustic dining table is often unfinished and worn down looking. Alternatively, massive wooden legs or straight metal legs may be seen on rustic tables.

Shaker dining tables are known for their simplicity and utility. They aren’t adorned with any weird carvings or motifs since they would bring too much attention to themselves. These straight, conventional tables are perfect if you don’t want your eating area to stand out.

Industrial tables are usually constructed from metal or wood and are rather massive and hefty. Their deeper tones and angular table legs make them ideal for a modern, monochromatic color design.

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