delagio executive chair assembly instructions to help our customers

our delagio executive chair assembly instructions in 5 Easy Steps are here to help our customers in a way that Anyone Can Do

When you buy an office chair online, you may be surprised when you receive your package.

Office chairs are often not delivered as complete ready-made chairs.

Instead, it comes in different parts that you have to put together yourself.

All the many pieces in the box can seem intimidating…

But do not worry!

Assembling the office chair is not as difficult as it seems. I’m sure you can tackle this task even if you have absolutely no experience building furniture.

However, you must be very careful with the instructions and have some patience.

Read on to find out how to properly assemble your new office chair.

Prepare the right tools.

Whenever you want to build something, you always want to have the right tools.

This will greatly facilitate your work and prevent damage.

A new office chair purchased online usually comes with a toolbox. Includes all tools needed for assembly.

However, these tools are usually cheap and fragile. They can do the job, but not as well as your own set of tools.

The tools you will likely need to assemble your new office chair are:

A set of screwdrivers or hex keys

Electric drill/driver (optional)

safety gloves

Rubber mallet (optional)


The first step is to open the box and unpack everything inside.

Each part of the chair can be covered with some kind of wrapping. Use bubble wrap or plastic to avoid damage during transport.

I would like to remove all protective packaging from each part to make the assembly process smoother.

Find a clean workspace, so you don’t mix the pieces with other things in the house.

I have to make sure that nothing is missing from the set. See the manual for a complete checklist of all the items that should be in the box.

In the unlikely event that a part is missing, please contact the store where you purchased the product immediately.

Sort everything into categories. The large parts of the chair are in one corner, the bolts and small locks are in another corner, and the tools are in another corner of the workspace.

This makes the assembly process smoother.

Base assembly

To begin assembly, start with the base.

Take the star-shaped serif and flip it over.

Insert the casters into the sockets at the ends of the wheelbase.

A standard office chair has five casters. Depending on the type of chair you have, this may include more or less.

No tools are required to install the casters. You can do it using only your hands.

If one or two of the casters are particularly stubborn and won’t lock into place, use a rubber mallet to tap them firmly into their sockets.           

After installing the five casters, flip the wheelbase the right way around.

Then insert the gas spring into the hole in the center of the wheelbase.

Be sure to insert the right end into the hole.

The end that goes into the wheelbase has a larger diameter. This is usually the black end.

If your gas spring is equipped with a plastic cover, you should also check that it is inserted correctly.

Most standard office chairs do not have gas lift locks. The weight of the chair facilitates its fixation.

However, some office chairs have a small pin under the gas spring. This can be inserted using a screwdriver.

seat assembly

Once you’ve assembled the base, you can set it aside while you assemble the seat.

Take the major seat cushion and flip it over to expose the underside. Next, take the chair mechanism and line up the holes with the holes in the seat.

The mechanism should have front and back labels, so you know how it fits on the seat.

Insert the four bolts into the holes and hand tighten first. Once all the bolts are in place, tighten them with a screwdriver or hex wrench.

If the mechanism has a protective plastic cover, you can install it immediately after installing the mechanism.

It is usually fixed with four short screws.

Then you can switch to the armrest.

The smaller armrest attaches to the seat with just two bolts. Large ones usually have four.

Depending on the design of the chair, the armrests can be attached not only to the seat but also to the back of the chair.

You can find out how to attach each piece and the bolts to secure them in the instruction manual that comes with your chair.

Never force when tightening the screws. If the screw does not turn correctly, it is most likely a slight misalignment.

Always check alignment before tightening screws.

After attaching the armrests, proceed to the backrest.

The backrest is fixed in the same way as the armrests. Find the correct bolt and attach it to the backrest.

Some office chairs require the back to be secured between the armrests with small supports. These can be easily assembled by hand.

Put it all together

After assembling the base and the seat, it’s time to put the two together.

It is a very simple process, and no tools are required.

Simply lift the seat and align the top of the gas spring with the hole under the seat mechanism.

Then press down with your weight.

That’s it! No need to screw anything. Your weight is what keeps the seat attached to the base of the chair.


Thanks for reading to the end. I hope this article has helped you develop a whole new practical skill.

Next time you order an office chair online, you won’t have to assemble it when your package arrives.

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