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The average person spends half of their waking hours sitting. This statistic is even worse among office workers who routinely record while sitting at their desks all day.

It also has long-term health effects comparable to diseases such as drug addiction and obesity.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve working conditions. The most impactful of these is investing in supportive office chairs.

Choosing the right office chair for your body and work environment is the key to finding a supportive chair. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll discuss in today’s office chair buying guide.

How to choose an office chair

Let’s take a step-by-step look at selecting an office chair that is healthy and improves your productivity and overall health.

  1. Understand the different types of office chairs

The term “office chair” refers to a variety of seats for offices. For example, tasks, ergonomics, and drafting chairs all fall under this umbrella category.

Therefore, the first thing to do is, determine which type of office chair is best for you. Here are some of the most common variants and what you can expect.

standard office chair

A standard office chair is a basic mid-back seat with simple height and tilt adjustments. You can sometimes find models with additional features, such as a slight recline or movement of the armrests, but they usually have quite limited adaptability.

These chairs are very affordable but lack long-term support.

work chair

Task chairs are ideal for users who frequently switch between tasks.

These office chairs come with a small mid-back frame designed to roll around your workspace and easily fit anywhere.

Moderate to highly adaptive for various seated positions and postures providing sexuality. It is also very comfortable and offers plenty of support for an 8-hour shift.

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ergonomic chair

As their name suggests, ergonomic chairs are highly adaptable, often featuring unique settings that affect everything from seat depth to back height.

Many ergonomic chairs have backs and headrests that provide full body support better than any other type of office chair.

If you suffer from posture problems or pain related to sitting, the best ergonomic chair is for you.

drafting chair

Although traditionally used in engineering environments, the draftsman’s chair has become a staple in many offices.

A drafting chair is higher than other office chairs, allowing you to sit down and work. Most models have built-in footrests but don’t offer as much postural support as a task or ergonomic office chairs. They even pair well with today’s best standing desks.

gaming chair

Believe it or not, gaming chairs are technically office chairs.

Most gaming chairs are too flashy for a corporate office, but their ergonomic design aligns well with telecommuting and general-purpose setups. , reclining and adaptability of the armrests can be found, so they tend to be very cost-effective compared to traditional chairs. Office chairs.

Another distinctive feature is that the gaming chair is extremely comfortable. It regularly incorporates a soft leather exterior and plush molded foam padding.

2.Reconfirmation of dimensions

Once you’ve narrowed your options to your preferred type of office chair, focus on finding the right sizes. After all, the chair has to fit in the available space, and it has to fit inside the chair.

If you’re unsure how much space your chair can take up, it’s a good idea to get a tape measure for good reading. Leave some space around your chair and move it around to ensure you have enough space. To help maintain breathing space.

The interior space is even more important than the surrounding space. If it doesn’t fit your office chair properly, it won’t provide the level of support you need.

We recommend going directly to an office chair retailer if possible. This way, you can find options that fit your body, like a fancy tuxedo.

When testing different chairs, ensure your feet are touching the floor, and your arms are at a 90° angle to each other on the armrests. Also, ensure your knees are about 2 inches in front of the edge of the seat.

If in-person testing is impossible, please be careful when comparing product dimensions to your body measurements.

One more thing to note before going any further. The team at SitWorkPlay spent hours evaluating the best tall and tall office chairs and short and small office chairs to suit each individual’s needs. Find the right fit.

  1. Ensure good coordination

Even though the chair’s dimensions match your workspace and body, you can manipulate the components to suit your proportions and sitting posture.

So the next step is to ensure proper tuning.

These are the most common and important adjustments to consider when choosing an office chair.

  1. Choose the right material

Office chairs come in various finishes, influencing important considerations such as comfort, durability, and aesthetic design. Here is a description of the different factors to consider and which materials best suit different users.


Office chairs come in different types of upholstery, and the best option depends on your preference. The most common variations include mesh, fabric, and leather (true and faux).

Mesh. Mesh is popular due to its support, stretch, and breathability.

Mesh is particularly good at supporting your weight and suspending your body without straining your pressure points, but it doesn’t provide the same level of comfort as a thicker cushion. It will keep you comfortable and cool during the summer.

Fabric. Mesh is the most common upholstery, but the fabric is the traditional choice. They are affordable, readily available, and come in various colors.

The fabric also provides a comfortable feel that mesh or leather cannot, making it a good choice for the home office. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to clean and maintain, although there are guides to help.

Leather. Many users find leather the plushest and most luxurious upholstery option but at the risk of looking garish.

Modern leather office chairs can be made from genuine leather, bonded leather, or synthetic leather (vinyl or polyurethane) and come in many finishes at different price points. It is the least breathable fabric option and sweats quickly in the warmer months. But it is also the easiest to clean.

The Memory foam is a viscoelastic variant of standard foam and is the softest, fluffiest, and plushest of the options.

Molded foam is a polymeric material that has been molded into a mold. One of the strongest and most resilient cushion types available.

Standard foam is typically used in lower-end office chairs and provides moderate comfort and support. It also tends to compress the fastest.

Memory foam is a significant upgrade and suitable for those who prioritize comfort above all else, while cold-cure foam prioritizes support and is durable. However, it is a bit too stiff for some users.

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